Hackers have been using the Starbucks app to steal money from latte drinkers

#JustACoffee #AppSecurityQuestions Starbucks coffee is pricey as is!!


Staple Diet Market Trends

A staple food, sometimes simply referred to as a staple, is a food that is eaten routinely, and in such quantities that it constitutes a dominant portion of a standard diet in a given population, supplying a large fraction of the needs for energy-rich materials and generally a significant proportion of the intake of. (wiki)

Turning over another new leaf, new chapter in the book, a wearer and weaver of many hats, lists are endless!  Life dictates and economies drive our ever changing industry, means of income, lifestyle changes and goals!

“Diet” I said, Staple diet trending the market.  Ears prick up!  A metaphor, communicating my way through this digital landscape, how to in digital media, digital marketing and all on the top platform blogging – a staple in all its glory in communicating the new me.  Like a good quality breakfast providing the energy, fuel, and desire to look after you in order to take it to the next level, the aim is to foster and sustain new connections as I position myself in the marketplace.  Creativity, design, a love and appreciation for the natural environment surrounding me are at the core of my values.  Meeting new people with shared interests and a hunger (foodie 🙂 for reaching the innovative richly diverse way in which we see, and generating or critiquing ideas, to bring about the new.

A rich recipe that can be tweaked to suit varying needs, tolerances?  Word of mouth to word of blog, same difference only we have a greater audience to cater for (oh the puns!!)  In my opinion a quality source which sustains the body, of work, builds a healthy rappour and reliable feed for information driving sales and generating referrals!  What do you think?  Any flavour of essence to add?  Feel free to post!

The Wireless Revolution

wireless revolutionYes, a Revolution!  Sudden, complete, marked change in the way our digital landscape is pushing forward.  Digital photographs, documents, recording of data enabling users to modify and update knowledge along the way.

‘The Wireless Revolution’ enables us to communicate information about, anything to anywhere, at virtually no cost.  Computers, PC’s with an entanglement of cables and coloured wires running from here to there to where we connect to ‘The Internet’.  Whoosh Swiftly moving on to wireless connection where numerous digital devices connect within the home at top speed fibre optic broadband!  Out go the wires, and out come the smart phones, tablets, Ipad, GPS navigation with every accessible app to help run life smoother, per second, 24/7.

Mobile phones have matured so to speak, where technology innovators have enabled us users wireless connectivity, to links barely meters away!  Industry performs better, more efficiently with global clients, gathering data, monitoring performance throughout their industry.   Wi-Fi is the dominant technology constantly advancing, challenging business and consumers who need to ensure that reliability is high, security is solid and costs are within line.  Smartphones and wireless technology bring new capabilities to industry.

A greater concern in the long term is privacy.  laws often assume that privacy is guaranteed between consumer and company. In a world where many networks interconnect in the Cloud and information is widely shared, how will that work? At a minimum, wireless networks should let users know when they are being monitored.

Getting to know your market, keeping abreast of your markets imminent developing needs alongside the advances in technology, is effective marketing enabling growth as you stay forefront of your customers minds.



Blogging as a Strategic Communication Tool

Blogging on the web, activates the Search Engine Optimisation (S.E.O) enabling growth of your business, story, opinions or interests through relevant content.  Key words in the blog post and regular blogging makes for SEO friendly and the likelihood of being found.


Let’s face it, we all strive to be top of the rank!  Search engines identify and enable the posts to be found, when people searching for similar content, type the relevant words or phrases connecting them to you.

The plan is, as a blogger, to get noticed and attract the attention of your audience or viewers but more importantly maintaining that relationship, establishing ‘you’ within the online community.  Good habits in blogging lie within the layout, editing and updating content, discussion and sharing opinions with your network.  Create links related to shared interests and tell your story!

Users will communicate their own needs and relationship with your blog so having a variety of platforms for your business is crucial and blogging as a tool, encourages good personal relationship. Blogging enables organic traffic as search engines share valuable content for those searching for your product or service, this is what drives traffic to you.

Many bloggers use this platform as a diary recording events in their own daily life. Blogs cover a wide range of topics and subjects and therefore when using a blog as a strategic tool for business, people with similar interests will eventually connect with you, increasing your network and profile.

Build your ‘brand awareness‘ through blogging with content in text, multimedia, visuals, layout and a variety of formats. Your blog is the face of your business, be yourself, your brand and engage in conversation in commenting on blog posts!  Good manners in acknowledging customers in a reply post goes along way in building healthy relationships and in turn keeping custom and attracting more.

Dialogue in today’s Global Community is growing rapidly, so blog to your heart’s content, to develop healthy professional bonds!


Why the Global Community is truly a Community

Global 3Community in the traditional sense where we acknowledge our neighbours with a smile, a wave of the hand, stop to have the craic (if it’s not teaming rain) is truly a warm memory of the community where I grew up.  Community, whereby we knew all our neighbours and played safely out in the fresh air until every last ounce of daylight had sneakily crept away.  Sneakily! Childhood with energy levels at optimum never fully exhausted alongside imagination running wild!  Instantly recognisable and not one to be taken lightly, was the voice that called out ‘time to come in’.

Community with identity, in every sense of the word, has dropped its count in who’s who!  Tenants come and go, sometimes without us even noticing’ or worse the realisation that we never exchanged a word.  We all belong to our community but what do we do to nourish it and keep it strong?  The scaffoldings down in building relationships, togetherness and mutual interests.  Fast and furious is the name of the game as we struggle to keep up with pressures of society filtering through from children to parents to grandparents, chipping away at the hours in a day.  Of course being Irish and actively part of the G.A.A, dancing or music encouraged by family through generation has kept alive tradition, belonging, shared interests, neighbouring rivalry(tradition of sorts) arts and culture

Global Community‘ on the other hand reveals how we are an empowered society taking leadership through creativity, adapting new ways of encouraging connection with many communities. Tapping into the world of different cultures, beliefs, religion, political views and so on, connecting relationships and influences to increase our knowledge of and build mutual relations, is all down to digital expansion.  Within this community unfortunately, where war torn countries, deprivation, poor quality of existence is still far from our physical reach.

Global is widespread and although we share similar values, beliefs, interests and empathy in our social and emotional   make-up, the Global Community remains distant and far a field in representing a true community.

“A View With A Smile”

Some of the simple pleasures of the evening drawing near…Forkhill Ireland!